Leads Corp empowers you and your marketing team to perform in the new world of Psychographic Marketing.

Switching to Psychographics is a fundamental change in the way you go about your business but achieving it does not require re-inventing any wheels. Getting started is straightforward. You already have most of the resources you need. You simply have to reconsider how they fit together and deploy them in a new, more focused, way.


Psychographic Marketing is about Audience development. Brands need to own their Audiences and that means controlling them in-house. Leads Corp supplies the means to do so.

Audiences are the currency of all future marketing. We're already seeing this playing out in the battle between Apple and the other platforms over tracking. Apple has no interest in protecting our privacy and every interest in owning its Audiences.

Audiences are the subsets of people that the machines use to find the right people to match with our products. The key difference is that we do not segment them, as we did with Demographics. We segment by defining who we want to reach.

Audiences, on the other hand, are not defined, they are described. The machine looks for patterns in what it knows about your Audience, then searches in its army of users for others with similar patterns.

Your priority is to create your Audiences by giving the machine the useful data it needs to begin the process. Most of us already have quite a lot. Sources include:

  • Customer Lists
  • Prospect Lists
  • Social Media Likes, Follows and Subscribers
  • Email Newsletter Subscribers

The machine then uses this data as a basis to find similar people. As it does so, it learns who is reacting favourably and uses this data to optimise our Audiences. The more data, the better the results.

Getting Started

The best place to start is with an Audit of your digital assets to establish what needs to be done for them to be re-deployed. Leads Corp then collaborates with you and your team produces a Strategy to implement it.

The Audit & Strategy process is collaborative and educational. Most team members embrace the process and are energised and motivated by their participation.For details, please click here.

Additional BENEFITS

Besides getting you started in the marketing of the future, building and using your new system will deliver a number of important benefits to your business.

skills transfer

By showing your team how the system is designed and built, and by working with them to adapt to it, Leads Corp educates and trains them to think in Psychographic terms.

Re-Invigorate your team

Most marketing teams adapt quickly, readily embracing the new practices. There's inevitably an "ah-ha" moment when the pieces fall into place and the team acquires a new understanding of their roles and goals that makes perfect sense. Typically, they have sensed that something is missing and they are very relieved to have found it.

Once the goal is clear and they know the tasks they need to perform, marketing teams invariably become energised and productive.


Simply installing the right tools and training your team how to use them will focus their efforts and inspire them to perform

If your team is not able to adapt, you have a problem that Psychographic Marketing cannot solve. But at least you'll find out and can take appropriate action.

unlock hidden value

Social media

All that costly social media invesment is suddenly going to reveal its true value. Social media audiences are the bedrock of Psychographic Marketing. We use them to guide the machines to find the right people for our products. Your new Leads Corp system lets you do this because it produces Ads with return paths built into them. It's the return-paths that allow us to capture, organise and capitalise on the engagements we get.

CRM systems

Your expensive CRM system can only work as well as the data you feed it. Up until now, you've been feeding it pretty random customer and prospect data, sorted by source. That's like using a Centurion tank to drive to the shops and fueling it with regular unleaded. Psychographic data is what your CRM system really needs to perform at optimum levels.

Become more customer focused

Customer FocusThis is the most surprising benefit of all. We all talk about being customer-focused, but the way we go about our business often falls well short of that ideal. Psychographic Marketing places the customer at the centre of your business. Simply by executing the tasks, you and your team cannot help but become more focused on the customer. You'll get to know them better as human beings, not numbers in a report.

Strokes for folks

The systems and processes that Leads Corp will install are all most competent marketing teams — big or small —need to take advantage of the power of Psychographic Marketing.

This is not optional

The switch to Psychographic Marketing is not optional. It is already underway. Just a few months ago, Google rolled out a complete overhaul of its Display Ads facility. Keywords have been relegated to a support role.

You can see the impact this has had in this video, where some of the world's leading Google Ads experts discuss the impact of this change. You don't need to know what they're talking about to see that they're struggling with the reframing of what they do.

Spot the gap

It is, however, still early days. The video above was made in October. Even the fastest movers are not that far ahead of you. This is a gilt-edged opportunity. The sooner you move, the greater advantage you will have in the future. You don't need a knock-down and rebuild of your marketing strategy or assets, you only need a renovation. Just get it started.